Discover the secrets to running an online business, having a laptop life style, and gaining financial  freedom.
Let’s share the journey together.

Getting Ready to Read and Relax

Discovering your life’s purpose, finding the path to fulfill it, and starting your own business is challenging and even a little bit scary. You are not alone. I, too, am on a new journey towards digital entrepreneurship. On my blog, I share tips, techniques, and strategies to making your transition easier.

Spending Quality Time with Family

Having more time to spend with those we love is something we all desire. Are you contemplating a change to take back control of your life? If you are looking for a lifestyle of freedom and financial security, watch this free 7-part video series to learn more about starting your own business.

Hanging Out

At one time my life was controlled by my job. I wanted a change and a different lifestyle. Read about my story — where I was and how I took action to follow my passion and live the ultimate laptop lifestyle.

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