Being a successful online marketer requires one to do a variety of things but always looking for ways to increase productivity is extremely important. While embarking on my journey as an online marketer, I’ve realized that the key my success boils down to three key strategies.

Create A Weekly Schedule

When I was first starting out I didn’t create a schedule and it became really easy to lose time, especially since I am still working for an employer during the regular workweek. Once I created a schedule I became so much more productive. I no longer spend time trying to figure out what I should do. On the days I come home exhausted, it is much easier to work on my online business because all I have to do is look at the specific day and I know exactly what I need to work on. Below is a snapshot of a general weekly schedule. For my own schedule, I typically add more specific tasks to my schedule particularly if I am working on a particular project.

example of a weekly schedule

Batch Your Tasks

Utilizing one’s time well is extremely important. I’ve found that by batching certain tasks, it is much easier to stick to my weekly schedule. Here is an example of how I batch one task. At the beginning of the year, I create a list of blog topics/titles for the entire year. I try to post weekly so that is a list of 52 topics. I then organize those topics so I know which one I will post for a specific week. Once this is done, the 30 minutes a day I set aside to do blog writing is really focused on just writing. I am not spending that time trying to figure out the topic or title. Even though this may seem rigid, it does have inherent flexibility because I can adjust the schedule or insert a new topic as needed. Throughout the year, I add topics to a master list so I am rarely asking myself “What should I write about?” and it makes creating the next year’s list even easier.


Work on Advertising Every Single Day

I can’t emphasize enough how important this strategy is. Based on my schedule above, you will notice that I don’t post an ad every day. However, I am doing work related to ads and lead pages every day. Remember, advertising is the heart of your business. If you ignore this, you will never see success or growth as an online marketer.



In the Comments below, share with the community what you do to stay productive in your online business.