It always seems to happen, you are finishing up a post or video and you need an image. Sure, you can search Google Images but more times than not it becomes a time suck.

To make matters worse, the nice images require a fee to use.

When I first started my business, I struggled finding images that were good quality and FREE.

I was lucky to discover several sites that provide free images.

The Three Sites I Use

The three I use most often are,, and Unsplash.

Pixabay is database that includes a variety of images such as illustrations and photos.

Pexels is just photos. As with all things free, some of the photos in these databases aren’t great or a bit stock photo-ish.

Unsplash is also photos but what I really like about this site is that the photos are really high quality and have a more artistic feel.

The Benefit of a Using Image-specific Databases

One of the main reasons I use these databases is that it is a contained search and I can usually find one or more images in five to ten minutes. Unlike Google Images where you are searching images from all over the web.

Also, the photographers assign more relevant tags to the photos making the search results more relevant. The tags with each image are clickable so you can do another search if you find a tag that better represents what you want.

Try one or all of the sites out!

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Do you have a favorite image website? Share with the community in the comments below.