As an online marketer and digital entrepreneur, I’ve been surprised how much I’ve needed to edit images (and in some cases, create) that I use across my various platforms.

I am not a graphic designer and my image editing needs are very basic. Mostly resizing, cropping, slight color adjustments, or adding text. The images I create are also very basic and I do so mostly to utilize my brand’s color scheme.

Many people advise me to just hire someone to do all image editing. There are several reasons why I have a hard time doing this.

  • For such simple adjustments, it seems like a waste of money to hire someone
  • Usually I need the modifications immediately, it would take too much time to outsource it
  • I know how to do the edits I need so it really is quicker for me to do it myself
  • I like doing this type of thing because it makes me feel like I am being creative

For years, I was an avid Adobe Fireworks user. I loved it because it was easy and quick to use for the types of editing I needed to do. Unfortunately, Adobe killed the software about three years ago. After most recent operating system upgrade, Fireworks was not incompatible with the system and I could no longer use it. (sniff)

I’ve been on the search for a replacement ever since. I talked in a previous post about the online platform Canva. It is awesome but sometimes I need more features.

I am happy to announce that I believe I have found a replacement. The software is called Gravit Designer.

What is so cool about this software is that you can use it online. Meaning it is accessible with any device, at any time. And it is FREE!

For the last month, I’ve been using it regularly and so far, I can do everything I could with Fireworks.

What is truly remarkable about Gravit Designer is that it is so much more than a simple editing software. If you are into image editing or want to develop the skills, Gravit Designer is a good platform to experiment on.

For more information about Gravit Designer, visit

Tutorials about the basics can be found here:

The Gravit Designer blog also has good how-to posts:

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